• After-sale protection

  • Quality assurance

  • Technical expertise

Prior to market-delivery, each TANGIN watch is thoroughly tested in compliance with strict quality control procedures. This includes running tests, water-resistance and standard shock tests. In order to ensure TANGIN products high quality, TANGIN has established an International Warranty Service. Each customer receives a 24-months Worldwide Warranty Card, that covers manufacturing defects, for watches bought at authorized dealers. The warranty comes into effect at the date of purchase, after it has been filled by the authorized dealers.

The following damages are not covered by the free warranty service:

1. The natural wear and tear of the watch leading to a deterioration of the appearance

2. Damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, improper wear and use

3. Damages caused by repairing the watch at a non-authorized service center

4. Repair work shall be charged for any watch sent for repair under guarantee, without a valid warranty certificate , or beyond the warranty period.