Brand Introduction

The birth of TANGIN

Born in Delemont and Moving toward a Promising Future in Biel, Switzerland.

TANGIN was officially born in Delemont, the capital of Jura in the North-western part of Switzerland in 1999.

Over the past 20 years, TANGIN has been developing and committing itself to innovation, thus beginning to attract public attention. With the expansion of the market and its scale, TANGIN moved its headquarters to Biel in 2018 (base to the watchmaking giants, such as ROLEX and Swatch Group, the world's largest watchmaker) at the foot of Mount Jura, Switzerland, one of the traditional watchmaking centres in Switzerland , to develop more precise and perfect watchmaking process that can meet Swiss watchmaking standards.

Member of the Biel Association

The watch industry is by far the most important economic sector in the Biel region: 215 companies are active in this sector and employ almost 7,000 people.  That is why the people of Biel are just as proud of their city as they are of their watches. Tangin is a member in this big family and enjoy the growth in this nutritious eco-system. 


TANGIN LOGO Witnessing the Passage of Time and Integrated with the New Craftsmanship Spirit

TANGIN has been integrated with the watchmaking spirit of Swiss since its birth and taking a down-to-earth altitude while striving for excellence. Its development process can be clearly seen from its LOGO. The original LOGO of it is a simplified horse pattern. Besides, the LOGO is changed into four symmetrical T letters, which perfectly combines the first letter of phonetic alphabet of  "Tian" in the Chinese name of the brand with "T" in English, and thus forming the artistic shape of "Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows" representing the perfect diamond cutting process, which is more representative of the great craftsmanship spirit of striving for excellence of it.

"Enjoying Life and Valuing Highly on Your Time"

TANGIN has been adhering to the Swiss watchmaking spirit and specialized in the production of sophisticated yet precise wristwatches. "Enjoying Life and Valuing Highly on Your Time" is just derived from the ingenious combination of art and life. The wristwatch witnesses the passage of time. TANGIN adheres to its brand spirit of valuing highly on time, keeping in mind the beauty in life and striving for perfection and commits itself to the production of delicacies and striving for excellence by taking a down-to-earth attitude. This accurately explains the attitude of striving for excellence in life and integrating art with life. "Enjoying Life and Valuing Highly on Your Time" not only inherits the outstanding craftsmanship spirit of TANGIN, but also the concept of designing wristwatch with inspiration from life.

With Ten Years of Development, TANGIN Ushering in a Promising Future

Just as Swiss watchmaking industry which has developed excellent watchmaking technology after years of dedication to it, TANGIN Swiss Watch has been devoted to the R&D of exquisite watchmaking technology, adhering to the exquisite spirit of craftsmanship, committing itself to innovation and making breakthroughs so as to produce wristwatches of superb quality. After years of development, TANGIN wristwatch with the craftsmanship spirit is developed and enjoys increasingly more popularity.

Inherited Swiss craftsmanship

Inherited Swiss craftsmanship