Sun Yujie and Tangin: Campaign 2016

Date:2018-12-10 Author:TANGIN Read:1815

Sun Yujie is part of the Chinese National Fencing team that brought back Silver from the 2016 Rio Olympics. She is also the champion of numerous World Fencing Championships. Tangin is very proud to have Sun Yujie as its ambassador for Asia.

Why Sun Yujie? Tangin promotes precision, excellence, focus and ambition: choosing an ambassador from the sports world seemed an evidence. Fencing, like no other sport, combines elegance, precise timing and swift motion, a nimbleness Sun Yujie is embodying to perfection. Her fencing is composed, focused. When she competes, she is anchored in the moment, and, like Tangin Watches, she aims for the perfect timing.

We are pleased to reveal the images of our new campaign featuring Sun Yujie!