Tangin donated medical supplies to help Switzerland fight the epidemic

Date:2020-04-16 Author:TANGIN Read:2340

From April 14 to 15, local time in Switzerland,  Tangin donated a batch of medical supplies to the government departments and medical institutions of the Canton of Bern to help prevent and control the new epidemic in Switzerland. The donation ceremony was held in Bern, Switzerland, attended by Ammann Christoph , governor of Bern, chief pharmacist Pharm. Martinelli Ena, chief pharmacist of FMI interlacker hospital, and Urs. Gehrig Urs., CEO of the medical institution of Bern.

Days after the outbreak, Switzerland Jun table hope that through practical action, contribute to Swiss outbreak slightly, through an active contact with Switzerland, the Swiss days Jun table to Bern, Switzerland, the state and Bern, Switzerland state medical institutions has donated more than thirty thousand only the disposable surgical masks, used to support the Swiss local against new outbreaks.

During the donation ceremony, the governor of Bern, Switzerland Ammann Christoph spoke, since the outbreak of the new champions league in Switzerland, get the attention of many, at the same time for the Swiss day Jun table at a critical moment to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the support of Bern, Switzerland states, and praised the Swiss day Jun table with practical action to show the spirit of "common disease resistance". During the donation, Samuel Schmid, former federal president was interviewed and gave his opinion on the distribution of the medical supplies.

Since the outbreak of the new epidemic in Switzerland, all sectors of the society have given support and help to Switzerland to fight the epidemic, and Swiss tangin table also hopes to help the local Swiss fight the epidemic as much as possible. This donation is the Swiss tangin table, as a Swiss watch brand, pays more attention to the Swiss epidemic. At the same time, it has strengthened the protection of the frontline workers and strengthened the confidence and determination to win the epidemic prevention and control war.