TANGIN career watch, interpreting the exclusive aura of the career

Date:2021-09-24 Author:TANGIN Read:475

Every moment of a career requires a strong aura. In a vigorous and vigorous manner, you need to have a unique charm. Elegant and intellectual, you need to paint your own career moment. The wrist watch T7066 of the Zytglogge series on the TANGIN watch in Switzerland was made for a career, showing the advanced in the classic, and continuing the tradition in a unique way.

Combined with classic elegance

The Zytglogge series provided the watch with business features from a professional perspective. The classic design elements mixed with different details, continuing the long-lasting features of the watch, such as the vintage Rome numbers, shining natural diamonds and so on. But it was not limited to the classical elements. It was changed in the design of the watch, using the unique surface of the mother's shell and the mysterious and unique blue diamond .On the surface of the gravel, there was another professional charm.

With elegance as the core, it broke the boundary of style and gave a more multi business perspective. From zero to zero, it showed a professional, capable and confident fashion attitude.

The performance style was changeable

Since the series T7066 of Zytglogge was listed, it had cooperated with many stars and bloggers. It was TANGIN .The brand image of the watch was perfectly performed by MaYiLi, who was an elegant, capable, independent and confident career from inside to outside. In addition to MaYiLi, it was also performed by many famous stars, such as Jack, and KOL of different professions. The interpretation of different scenes and professions corresponded to the needs of all walks of life. The TANGIN Zytglogge series of career tables seemed to be single, but in fact, they could match and use the field .The scenery was very changeable.

Colorful, shining and fashionable

From the quiet and deep blue to the simple and elegant white, it was inlaid with 24 K gold of different materials. Whether it was the elegant platinum, the elegant rose gold, or the classical gold, they all presented different wonders. The steel belt in different colors demonstrated a different high-grade quality. It was new and shining forever.

As the business concept watch pushed by the owner of TANGIN watch, Zytglogge series T7066 provided more possibilities for professional people and showed a different moment of self-esteem. The watch was equipped with a Swiss machine core, which not only saluted the long history of Switzerland, but also integrated the thick spirit of Swiss craftsmen with time.

They explored the classics endlessly. The TANGIN watch in Switzerland displayed different design style with a unique eye. It was constantly creative in the classics, infused with emerging elements, and combined with the development of the times to create more wrist martens. TANGIN even saluted the classics with outstanding craftsmanship in Switzerland, showing the unique charm of the watch, which showed that the TANGIN watch in Switzerland had completed its taste, creation and skillsBeauty control. In the future, TANGIN table will also follow this belief and create more treasures of the times.